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CubeDesktop NXT

 Wonderful effects that make your desktop shine

Several, breathtaking effects that take your desktop experience to the next level. Manage your workspace in a true 3D, live and totally interactive environment

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Deskpose NXT

 The ultimate desktop organizer

 DeskPose NXT helps you to find your applications fast, organize your desktop and become more productive.


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Animated Wallpaper Maker

 Breathe new life into your desktop

Animated Wallpaper Maker will place fascinating animated scenes just behind your icons and toolbar making your work screen outstanding.



CubeDesktop NXT

Get more space. Get organized. Be more productive.

 Real and live 3D environment 

We know that you need to do a lot on your PC. CubeDesktop NXT provides you up to 16 workspaces, each with its own wallpaper and set of icons, allowing you to quickly and easily switch between them using a live and interactive 3D environment.  Watch the video and discover it!

CubeDesktop NXT

The ultimate 3D virtual desktop manager

  • Wonderful effects that make your desktop shine  

  • Scriptable and integrable                                

  • Fully integrated with Windows 7 & 8        

  • Virtualization of up to sixteen desktops                 

  • Keep your sensible applications protected    

DeskPose NXT

Too many open windows? Stop findind! Start Exposing!

 Task switcher and desktop organizer

We know that you have to work with many different windows at the same time. Now, finding and switching between them is easier than before. DeskPose NXT improves on the ALT+TAB method for flipping between windows, dynamically scaling them so you can quickly choose the one you need. Watch the video and discover it!

DeskPose NXT

screenshot: 6 kinds of layout styles

Deskpose NXT-6 layout style-850A

Animated Wallpaper Maker

Computer Animated Wallpaper screen GIF-1A

With Animated Wallpaper Maker you can turn any photo into a beautiful animated background for your desktop. Really! You don’t need expensive, complicated software anymore. You can create your own animated wallpaper in just a few mouse clicks. Load a picture, adjust animation parameters, and place the result on your desktop.

  • Free to try. Just download and install our trial version. No fee, no registration needed. Evaluate animated wallpapers on your desktop right now!
  • Powerfull animation editor included
  • Minimal resource usage – doesn’t slow down a computer
  • Animated wallpaper manager included
  • Create wallpapers in EXE format and share them with your friends
  • Animated wallpapers work correctly in Windows 8, 7, XP, and Vista
  • Easy One-click Setup without Installation
    – All wallpapers on our site are standalone media files and do not require installation. You can set them on your desktop with just one mouse click.

Animated Wallpaper Maker

Examples of virtual animation desktop wallpaper

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