Best way to make your files and folders or desktops private

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  CubeDesktop NXT-cube-4   With the development of the network, the disclosure situation of personal privacy is more serious. Some important or private files are stored on our computers need to be hidden or invisible.

The best way to make our files or folders private is to put all confidential documents or file folders are saved to a virtual desktop, and then the entire virtual desktop is set to privacy and invisible.

CubeDesktop NXT is a 3D virtual desktop software, and provides you up to 16 workspaces, each with its own wallpaper and set of icons, allowing you to quickly and easily switch between them using a live and interactive 3D environment.

CubeDesktop NXT has a very good additional features which allows you to name, Such as “my video”, “private pictures”, “adult content” , etc. , and make your virtual desktops private. Private desktops are not visible nor accessible unless a password is provided.

3-1 Name and make your virtual desktops private-500

The setup of CubeDesktop NXT is very simple, after installing this software, just choose a virtual desktop from the list below and click the “Edit” button to modify its properties. If the selected virtual desktop is private, you’ll be asked to enter its password before you can modify it.

3-2 Edit and Name of the virtual desktop-500

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Download and Install:

         Click on the following text or image link to get started

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