Computer-generated fireworks from the film The Lord Of The Rings

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   Fireworks have been known to be a customary ingredient to any celebration in the world. An intimate client celebration, a graduation ball or a birthday party, there can be nothing more spectacular than a show of fireworks at the venue. From beautiful fireworks lighting up the sky to fun-filled sparkers that can be easily handled by party – fireworks will be your personal way of enhancing the birthday celebrations to the max.

In the movie, especially science fiction movies or anime movies, there are a lot of computer-generated fireworks. In the film The Lord Of The Rings, Bilbo was 111 years old, he’s got the whole place in an uproar, half the Shire’s been invited, and the rest of them are turning up anyway.  To bring a unique kick to his birthday party, to be a party of special magnificence, to be a night to remember, Bilbo’s old friend Gandalf, arranged a firework display.

Of course, this beautiful and magical fireworks display at Bilbo’s birthday party are computer-generated fireworks, made with the 3D software system, such as 3ds Max Maya or others. It is very unique and can not never forget.

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