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Deskpose NXT


We know that you have to work with many different windows at the same time. Now, finding and switching between them is easier than before. DeskPose NXT improves on the ALT+TAB method for flipping between windows, dynamically scaling them so you can quickly choose the one you need.

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How to install Deskpose NXT?


Your Deskpose NXT download should automatically start within seconds, If you have clicked  “Download trial” button or link to start the download.

Step1 of download and install CubeDesktop NXT

1. Download and launch

Save the Deskpose NXT installer to your computer. When it’s finished downloading, launch the installer by double-clicking the installer’s .exe icon or launching it directly from your browser’s download manager.

Step2 of download and install CubeDesktop NXT


2. Run and confirm

Click ‘Run’ if Windows asks ‘Do you want to run this file?’ and ‘Yes’ when the Windows User Account Controls menu asks ‘Do you want to allow the following program to make changes to this computer.’

Step3 of download and install CubeDesktop NXT


3. Install and enjoy

Follow the simple steps to complete installation. Upon completion, Deskpose NXT will be running in your system.

2-Welcome to the DeskPose NXT Setup WizardX500

3-License Agreement-500

4-Choose Install Location Folder-500

4-Ready to Install-500

5-Installing DeskPose NXT-500

6-Completing the DeskPose NXT Setup Wizard-500

Troubleshoot download problems

The only known reason why you could be unable to install Deskpose NXT is because your firewall/security program might be blocking or disabling the install file. As a result, you may get a message that the file is corrupt when you try to run the Deskpose NXT Installer.

Some security software blocks our install because it uses very low-level and advanced techniques to access the hardware. If you are concerned about security, please visit the security section of our support pages.

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