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CubeDesktop NXT


CubeDesktop NXT now can create up to sixteen virtual and independent desktops, increasing the space you have to work and helping you to banish clutter.
Every single desktop may have its own wallpaper and icons. Change your Windows wallpaper as usual and arrange your icons using your favourite layout on every single desktop, CubeDesktop NXT just remembers everything when you switch between desktops.
CubeDesktop NXT also includes an integrated icon manager, allowing you to quickly and easily choose which icons are shown on every desktop.

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How to set CubeDesktop NXT?


CubeDesktop NXT is fully integrated into the taskbar, after you are launching it, just click with the right mouse button on the icon in the taskbar, or press Ctrl+F8 to show desktop carousel, and then enter the “Configuration Utility” interface.


Start setting CubeDesktop-500

1. General information

Choose your preferred language


1-General information-500

2. Number of virtual desktops

CubeDesktop NXT allows you to organize your windows into groups to reduce clutter. You can create up to 16 virtual desktops, each having its own icons and wallpaper.

2-Number of desktops-500


3. Name and privacy of your desktops

CubeDesktop NXT allows you to name, Such as “Video Space”, and make your virtual desktops private. Private desktops are not visible nor accessible unless a password is provided. Choose a virtual desktop from the list below and click the “Edit” button to modify its properties. If the selected virtual desktop is private, you’ll be asked to enter its password before you can modify it.

3-1 Name and make your virtual desktops private-500

3-2 Edit and Name of the virtual desktop-500


4. Keyboard shortcuts

A Keyboard shortcuts is a set of keys that invoke an action when triggered. CubeDesktop NXT allows you to configure as many Keyboard shortcuts to trigger any action. Choose a Keyboard shortcut from the list below and click the “Edit” button to modify it, you can also add or remove shortcuts using the “Add” and “Remove” buttons.

4-Keyboard shortcuts-500

5. Active Corners

Active Corners allow you to perform actions by moving the mouse pointer over specific areas of the screen. Click on area of the screen to configure the action to perform.

5-Active Corners-500

6. Effects

CubeDesktop NXT provides several effects that may improve the overall quality of the final image. You can enable or disable them and check how they affect the performance.


7. Control CubeDesktop NXT

These settings allow you to customize the way you control CubeDesktop NXT.


8. Additional options

Automatically start with windows or Display system tray icon, if checked.

8-Additional options-500

9. Customization options

These options allow you to further customize the appearance of CubeDesktop NXT, such as: Initial distance of the effects, Transparency of the desktops, Transparency of the windows and Background of the rendering window.


10. Advanced settings

These options allow you to control advanced parameters that affect internals of CubeDesktop NXT. Changing them may cause performance degradation, abnormal resource usage or incompatibility with others.

10-Advanced setting-500

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