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We know that you have to work with many different windows at the same time. Now, finding and switching between them is easier than before. DeskPose NXT improves on the ALT+TAB method for flipping between windows, dynamically scaling them so you can quickly choose the one you need.

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How to set Deskpose NXT?


After you are launching DeskPose NXT, it is fully integrated into the taskbar, just click with the right mouse button on the icon  7-Virtual Desktop taskbar icon in the taskbar, and press the “Configure DeskPose NXT”  to show the  “Configuration Utility” interface.

Deskpose NXT-6 layout style-850A

1. General information

These settings allow you to choose your preferred language.

1-General information-500

2. Keyboard shortcuts

A Keyboard shortcuts is a set of keys that invoke an action when triggered. DeskPose NXT allows you to configure as many Keyboard shortcuts to trigger any action. Choose a Keyboard shortcut from the list below and click the “Edit” button to modify it, you can also add or remove shortcuts using the “Add” and “Remove” buttons.

3-Keyboard shortcuts-500

3. Active Corners

Active Corners allow you to perform actions by moving the mouse pointer over specific areas of the screen. Click on an area of the screen to configure the action to perform.

4-DeskPose Active Corners-500

4. Additional options

if checked, DeskPose NXT will start automatically when you turn on your computer, or enable an icon on these systems (display system tray icon by default in Windows 7 and Windows 8).

5 DeskPose Additional options-500

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