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Weasel Buck reunite a lost dinosaur egg

Revisit the antics of weasel Buck

September 13, 2016 0 0

    Ice Age: Collision Course, I found out that Buck, one of the best characters in the franchise as well as my favourite, come back.  Deep underground the plucky weasel Buck who is fighting off a trio of Dromaeosaurs, returns a dinosaur egg back to its rightful owner after it was stolen. Buck discovers…

A massive asteroid hurtling toward earth

A massive asteroid hurtling toward earth

September 12, 2016 0 0

   Ice Age: Collision Course, bumbling saber-toothed squirrel Scrat continues to cause mischief in outer space. Not only does he create the universe but he also, in a domino-like fashion, sends a massive asteroid hurtling toward earth. Animation of an incoming asteroid: Naughty saber-toothed squirrel Scrat: Download and Install:          Click on…

Animation of Scrat could not lift his head

Squirrel Scrat could not stand up

September 7, 2016 0 0

   In the film Ice Age: Collision Course, Its visual appeal never falters. The lovable saber-toothed squirrel, Scrat keeps struggling to control the alien ship. With all his bad luck, he can never seem to control the alien ship, and can never seem to capture that acorn. This time, he pressed the wrong control button.…

A spacecraft pass through the atmosphere of Jupiter

Several cool visuals animations of Jupiter Ascending

August 30, 2016 0 0

    For a start, like all sci-fi films, Jupiter Ascending is ambitious in its storytelling, actually paints a pretty fascinating sci-fi universe, and really very much a visual feast .  The special effects, action, and other elements are fantastic. But nothing more than that.  Maybe we would enjoy the special effects and action scenes.…

Flowing lava of Mount Doom

The Ring and Sauron are both destroyed and all over now

August 29, 2016 0 0

   In the film The Lord Of The Rings The Return Of The King, Sauron's deadliest servant The Witch King of Angmar, the one who will lead Mordor's armies in war, the one they say no living man can kill. He is the lord of the Nazgul, the greatest of the Nine. The Dead City,…

The Ents break the dam and release the river

Raging rivers and beautiful waterfall

August 27, 2016 0 0

   In the film The Lord Of The Rings The Two Towers, the war on Gondor will come swiftly. The power of the enemy is growing. Sauron will use his puppet Saruman to destroy the people of Rohan, and Isengard has been unleashed. The war of Gondor and Isengard has started. Look, the trees, they're…

Animation Gif of The Eye of Sauron

Shadow and flame, full of darkness and danger

August 26, 2016 0 0

   Orodruin, a volcano in Mordor, was the destination of the film series The Lord of the Rings in the quest to destroy the One Ring. Mordor, Shadow and flame, Sindarin Black Land and Quenya Land of Shadow was the region occupied and controlled by the Dark Lord Sauron. One does not simply walk into…

Computer-generated fireworks from the film The Lord Of The Rings

Computer-generated fireworks from the film The Lord Of The Rings

August 18, 2016 0 0

   Fireworks have been known to be a customary ingredient to any celebration in the world. An intimate client celebration, a graduation ball or a birthday party, there can be nothing more spectacular than a show of fireworks at the venue. From beautiful fireworks lighting up the sky to fun-filled sparkers that can be easily…

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